Our lesson offers based on the contemporary demands of society. We do not limit ourselves solely knowledge and grades in school. What distinguishes us is our holistic approach, which also gives skills such as punctuality, self-discipline and reliability, as well as methodological and social skills.
Our education and guidelines
• Clear structuring of teaching: Our teachers emphasize the fact that the processes, which classroom follows and aims to meet the learning requirements of the pupils.
• We place emphasis on a high proportion of learning time. Good time management of our experienced teachers does this. The rituals and discipline, which are close to the pupils, simplify a coherent and rhythmic course of instruction.
• As part of our holistic approach, the learning climate is the focus of the lessons. This achieved by our teachers’ mutual respect, reliably adhered to rules, by taking over responsibility and care.
• The clarity of the content achieved through the comprehensibility of the task, the plausibility of the thematic course, clarity and bindingness of the results assurance.
• Through the participation of the pupils in the planning process, we achieve a mutual, meaningful conversation culture.
• Our teachers keep reports to ensure a variety of staging techniques and patterns of action.
• We achieve individual support through differentiation in the classroom. For us, patience and time is a self-understanding for all students.
• We always give transparent feedback to the pupils, which means that we have a clear expectation of achievement.
• Our classes take place in a prepared learning environment. To this end, we offer room especially design for the promotion of learning.

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