What is the Sprachcafé?

The Sprachcafé offers a language course that focus on especially informal and spontaneous communication. Our Sprachcafé groups are consist of three to five students and implemented under the guidance of a teacher.
You can talk about everyday situations within the group and practice fluent speaking. You will just use basic language and grammar skills during Sprachcafé.
We also offer you the combination of a classical language course and the Sprachcafé. Learn more about the language course in the Sprachcafé. This gives you the ultimate combination of basic knowledge and speech.
Here we take a different approach from other language courses. We want you to be able to contribute to society and your environment and to participate in life. Therefore, you will gain a significant benefit according to a normal language course. Learning speaking may be hardest skill in the way of language learning. Sprachcafé offer this to you. This is about you and your participation in life through appropriate language skills.
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