Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept
Focus: All skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Target group: The first step of the B2 level is the successful completion of a B1 exam or a grading test to demonstrate the necessary language skills.
Course objectives: Independent language usage (Intermediate 2)
The students can communicate spontaneously and fluently and get a clear and differentiated view on a wide range of topics. You can write clear, detailed texts on different topics, weighing arguments against each other.
Content: People (people, CV), language (formal letters, discussions), places (picture description, city portraits), consumption (book review, complaint), love (dialogues, reader letter), profession (application letter, telephoning), future (radio play), Media (newspaper / radio news, PC), health, mobility (statistics, creative writing)
Grammar: verbs and adjectives, word formation of verbs and adjectives, subjunctive II, position in main and subordinate clause / sentence construction, negation (not, no, not, nobody, nowhere ...), the noun genus, plural formation, Perfect, past, past perfect, connectors and prepositions (because though, because, in spite of, therefore, ...), subjunctive I / indirect speech, participle I and participle II as attribute, nominalization / verbalization / word formation From passive to active and vice versa.
Verb forms: Futur I, past perfect, subjunctive II in the present, past and perfect, module verbs, passive with modal verbs, main / subordinate conjunctions (instead, because, during, ...), identification, qualification questions.
Performance check: Tests to consolidate and reflect the learn level during the course.
Test: B2 test.

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