Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.
Focus: All skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening
Target group: The first step of the B1 level is the successful completion of an A2 exam or a grading test to demonstrate the necessary language skills. Course Objectives: Independent language use (Intermediate 1)
At the end of the course, the students can express themselves in linguistic and cultural terms in an appropriate way, express their opinions, present a short presentation and submit their comments. You can discuss current issues in discussions. You can write uncomplicated, contiguous texts on familiar topics from your own interests and write personal and semi-formal letters.
Content: Learning to learn, Places (Houses, Quantities), Leisure & Fitness, Daily life, Education & profession, Learning, People (challenge, mobility), Consumption (defining terms), new media (PC), travel & mobility
Grammar: word formation, pronouns (reflexive pronouns, generalizing relative pronouns, what ',' who '), prepositions with genitive, nouns and adjectives with prepositional supplementation dative / accusative
Verb forms: Future I, past perfect, subjunctive II in the present, past and perfect, module verbs, passive with modal verbs, main / subordinate conjunctions (instead, because, during, ...), identification, qualification questions.
Performance check: Tests to consolidate and reflect the learn level during the course.
Test: B1 test

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