group of students and teacher with papers or tests
Focus: All skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Target group: The first step of the A2 level is the successful completion of an A1 exam or a grading test to demonstrate the necessary language skills.
Course Objectives: Basic Language Use (Beginner 2)
At the end of the course, the students can deal with everyday situations with predictable content. They can write about everyday situations and express their opinions.
Content: Appearance & Personality, School, Education, Profession, Entertainment & Television, Industry, Work, Business, Family & Personal Relationships, Nature & Environment (Weather, Environmental Protection), Austria & Foreigners in Austria, News & Politics (Parties), Old people (pensioners, retirement home), reading books (lyric).
Grammar: Nouns in the genitive, nouns ('this', 'some', 'everyone'), adjective declension according to undetermined articles, comparisons, ordinal numbers, case of prepositions, pronouns (reflexive, relative, prepositional pronouns)
Verb forms: (reflexive verbs, past, modal verbs, subjunctive II), complex sentences (subordinate clauses with, that, relative sentences, indirect question sentences, infinitive sentences with “zu” and “um zu”.
Performance check: Tests to consolidate and reflect the learn level during the course.
Test: A2 test

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