Focus: All skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Target group: People with little or no knowledge of German. A prerequisite is the Latin alphabet familiarization.
Course Objectives: Basic Language Usage (Beginner 1)
At the end of the course, the students can familiarize themselves with everyday expressions and simple sentences, which aimed at satisfying specific needs. You can write simple personal letters, postcards and e-mails.
Content: Appearance & Personality, School, Education, Profession, Entertainment & Television, Industry, Work, Business, Family & Personal Relationships, Nature & Environment (Weather, Environmental Protection), German Abroad & Foreigners in Germany (Holidays), News & Politics (Parties), Old people (retired people, old people's home), reading books (lyric)
Grammar: Articles and nouns, pronouns (personal, possessive pronouns), prepositions (with dative, accusative), adjective / adverb (comparative, declension) Verb forms: conjugation in present, past, perfect of 'haben' and 'sein', sentence structures (verb position, word question, imperative, conjunctions), verbs and additions (place, time), negative ('not', ‘no’)
Performance check: Tests to consolidate and reflect the learn level during the course.
Test: A1 test

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